[NC] Aurora 호텔 오로라 02 (1) 사본


Bekzat PIRMATOV | Kyrgyzstan | 2018 | 101min
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OCT 06 B1 17:00 OCT 08 L5 20:00 OCT 12 C7 14:00

Guaranteed to be acclaimed the wackiest film of this year’s Busan festival, Aurora is an oddball shaggy dog story from Kyrgyzstan that will entertain those comfortable strapping themselves in for a wild ride and throwing logic to the wind. Writer/Director Bekzat Pirmatov combines an adman’s eye for beautiful scenery with a Bunuelian sense of humour in this dazzling but baffling effort that may (or may not) harbour a secret allegory about post-colonial conditions in the former Soviet state. Set and shot in a former Sanatorium once used for rest and recreation by the upper eschelons of the Brehnev-era Soviet Union, Aurora tells the strange stories of various hotel guests as it offers intrigue and amusement. The film’s skit-like scenarios range from drug dealers who claim they were stoned for 34 years to bathing beauties discussing their favourite classical composers. The very late introduction of a plot revolving around a smartphone that bears a mysterious message in Chinese, attempts to give the film a structure that it probably could live without, but adds a few more welcome laughs into the mix. The opening credits take place 21 minutes after the film starts… it’s that kind of movie… but fun too.

Richard Blaine

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