[NC] House of My Fathers 내 아버지들의 집 02 사본 사본

SIVAKUMARAN Suba | Sri Lanka | 2018
95min | New Currents
OCT 08 B1 17:00 OCT10 L5 10:30 OCT12 C7 17:00

If arranged marriages can be torturous affairs, Suba Sivakumaran’s House of My Fathers is possibly the most stygian example ever envisaged. A fantastical spin on the civil war that divided Sri Lanka for decades, House of My Fathers is the story of two hostile villages, one Tamil, one Sinhala, that find that their armed conflict is interrupted by a curse that lands on both villages equally: the women can no longer conceive children. The solution for this bizarre problem comes in the form of a bi-partisan vision that demands that a man from the Tamil side (Bimal Jaya Kodi) and a woman from the Sinhala side (Pradeepa) must be forced to conceive a child together. Acting as the chaperon on this peace-making mission is a bi-lingual mystic known as Strange Doctor (Steve De La Zilwa) who is trusted by both sides to facilitate the sexual union. “Romance” is slow to blossom and to make matters worse, when the trio row a boat to a neutral island, the unwilling lovers are spiritually tested by confronting apparitions of the horrific war that their match is supposed to end. While the film’s violence is not especially explicit, challenging imagery matched with suitably intense performances make
this Sri Lankan film a gruelling journey for characters and audiences alike.

Richard Blaine

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